Reservations are now ONLINE. Click on our RESY widget to book now.
Reservations are now ONLINE. Click on our RESY widget to book now.  

KTV Rooms

Small KTV

2023 Room Rate:

 $44.99/hour 1,2

Maximum Occupancy: 

8 people 3


Other Information:

Small rooms are numbered 10 through 13. 


Medium KTV

2023 Room Rate: 

$54.99/hour 1,2

Maximum Occupancy:

15 people 3


Other Information:

Medium Rooms are numbered 1 through 9 along the main hallway. Most medium rooms have a backlight ambiance.


2023 Room Rate:

 $119.99/hour 1,2

Maximum Occupancy:

35 - 40 people 3


Other Information:

VIP Rooms are numbered 14 and 15 in the middle hallway. These rooms also have a backlight ambiance.

VIP #1 (room 14) has 1 - 52" TV and 3 - 40" TVs

VIP #2 (room 15) has 1 - 52" TV and 2 - 40" Tvs. It is slightly smaller than VIP #1 but includes its own private bathroom for your convenience. 

1 All room charges and bills have an additional  18% Cleaning & System fee .

2Gratuity is NOT INCLUDED on any bills. Please tip your servers in appreciation of their services.  

3Maximum Room capacity is based on the average person size and firecode regulations. 

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Find Us: 

1000 K St.  suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone: 916.557.8088

Fax: 916.557.8080

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