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Reservations are now ONLINE. Click on our RESY widget to book now.  

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- Sushi - Karaoke - Bar -

Heartbeat KTV 

Karaoke Rooms : Bar and Lounge

Private Karaoke Rooms for any size party and any age. We have the largest and most recent music database in all Sacramento. Rooms have full dine-in service; food, drinks, even Bottle Service for the 21 and over crowd. Open Thursday - Sunday!

Oishii Sushi

Restaurant : Sushi and Grill

Oishii Sushi means "Delicious - Sushi" in Japanese. We serve the highest grade of fish, thick cuts of sashimi, and fushion sushi designed by our Bay Area chefs. Our grill also serves out large plates of Teriyaki and hot fried Tempura among other things. Serving Lunch and Dinner everyday!

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Find Us: 

1000 K St.  suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone: 916.557.8088

Fax: 916.557.8080

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Oishii Sushi Restaruant


Heartbeat Karaoke TV 


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