Happy Hour every Thursday from 8pm - 9pm! SUMMER SPECIALS NOW THROUGH SEPTEMBER!
Happy Hour every Thursday from 8pm - 9pm! SUMMER SPECIALS NOW THROUGH SEPTEMBER!


Effective December 5, 2021. 

 If you are the HOST of the KTV ROOM, you will be required to pay a deposit upon check-in equal to your requested time. You will still be responsible for all excess time spent in the karaoke room and all orders you have placed. 

The HOST of the KTV ROOM is the only one who can place an order to their room bill. We request the HOST to STEP OUTSIDE of the room to speak with their assigned server. 

All KTV ROOM GUESTS wishing to pay SEPARATELY, must place their order at the register and pay immediately. The cashier must handle all transactions. Servers will strictly deliver food and drinks. 

Separate bar orders can be ordered at the bar or at the register. 

There are no returns and no refunds. We have the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Thank you for your complete understanding! 



KTV Policies & Processes

Here you will find a guideline to a having quick Check In and Check Out process. Acknowledgement of our store policies and procedures should be made aware to all guests of your party to avoid any confusion and misunderstandings. For further assistance, you may refer to our frequently asked questions or call us during our KTV hours at (916)557-8088. 


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If you are having any issues, you may contact us at Reserve@oishiisushikaraoke.com. 


Our KTV policies are outlined on the contract as shown, and additionally in each room. All rooms are required to sign a contract and leave an ID and Credit/Bank Card on file for the room rental. We DO NOT ACCEPT mobile banking cards such as, but not limited to CashApp or Venmo. The card holder is responsible for all guests and bills for the room. 

  1. ID-holder must be over 18 years old, and will take full responsibility of all party members and bills - such as informing party members of store policies and any charges.

  2. Customer is responsible for monitoring time-use and agrees to pay for the full duration. Time is prorated after the first hour. Time-meter will continue to run until the microphones are returned to the front register for checkout.

  3. All party members must have valid IDs presenting they are of legal age in order to have alcoholic drinks in the rooms.
    (Alcoholic Beverage Control ACT: Section 25560).

  4. Minors who are suspected of drinking will not be permitted. Any uncooperative persons will be asked to leave. No refunds.

  5. No smoking. No Vaping. NO DRUGS! Violators will be reported to the police and asked to leave.

  6. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  7. We will charge for any damages & report to the police as necessary.

  8. Outside food and drinks are not allowed. Birthday cakes are an exception. We reserve the right to confiscate any food or beverages not provided by our establishment. There will be an inconvenience FEE for any outside beverages EQUAL TO OUR SELLING price - minimum charge of $150 for any beverages found not listed in our inventory.

  9. All room rates & bills have a 18% cleaning and system fee. Gratuity is not included.

  10. Additional cleaning fees will apply if necessary.
    (Examples: confetti, streamers, cakefights, vomit, etc)


In order to rent a room, we hold onto a photo ID and respective Credit Card until check out: State ID or Passport. (We are not allowed to hold onto any Military Cards) This person will be responsible for all room charges and persons in the party.You will be required to pay for the duration of your requested time.

Our host will guide you to your room and introduce our Karaoke system. We will begin your clock-time once we leave your room. 


To stop the Room Clock time, guests must return the microphones to the cashier at the check-out desk. 


To speed up the process of check out, close out individual tabs throughout the night. Closing out a multitude of guests at one time will inevitabliy be time consuming.


Any patrons not paying for the room may check out individually with their server or the cashier. 

In order to completely check out of the room all individual tabs must be closed out. The host of the party whose ID and credit card was filed, is responsible for all orders placed in the room. The host may inform the server to close out tabs immediately for your convenience or instruct the party to place a credit card on file for each patron.  


The ID and credit cards will be returned after the room is completely checked out. 

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Door Policy:

All patrons will be requested to show a photo ID upon entry. All minors need to be accompanied by an adult. Patrons who DO NOT have an ID will not be allowed in after 10pm

Outside Food and Drinks are not allowed. All bags, including gift bags will be subject to a search. 


We value the safety and wellbeing of all our customers and staff members. Thank you for understanding!

Find Us: 

1000 K St.  suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone: 916.557.8088

Fax: 916.557.8080

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