Open Thursday through Sunday. Make a reservation today!
Open Thursday through Sunday. Make a reservation today! 

Oishii Sushi - Sushi & Grill

Oishii Sushi - it means "Delicious Sushi" in Japanese. Our sushi rolls are designed to apppetize the eyes, tentalize your taste pallette and are large enough for two. We cut thick pieces of Sashimi, and thin sliced garnishes to accompany your dishes. Most of our sushi rolls are a combination of raw fish, fried accompaniments, and fresh vegetables. Our sushi bar is also open to special requests, just be sure to ask your server for pricing.


Oishii grill creates your favorite hot foods. Our most popular being Pan-Fried Gyoza (Potstickers) served with a delicious house sesame soy sauce. Fluffy tempura and tasty chicken wings are wonderful crowd appetizers for parties of any size. We create plates of teriyaki, teppanyaki, and even fried rice and noodles. Just ask us what we recommend and we'll help you please your hunger. 


Our KTV business model may confuse some, but stop on by. We are a full dine-in restaurant located just above the Kay Street promenade. Dine in on our spacious floor, semi-private glass room, or private Karaoke room. We also offer take-out and take reservations. Our restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and even as late as 2am on Fridays and Saturday. Be sure to review our hours or call us to inquire. 

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Find Us: 

1000 K St.  suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone: 916.557.8088

Fax: 916.557.8080



Reservations can be made by calling us within business hours. We are working on a more convenient process. Thank you for your patience. 



Oishii Sushi Restaruant


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